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ASTM D6866 Lab Beta Analytic Sets up New Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil

To further improve its services for clients in Latin America, Beta Analytic Inc. has opened a new sample shipping facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the company’s fourth office abroad.

“Some of our clients in Latin America have had issues when sending samples directly to Miami. To address their concerns and strengthen our position as a premium provider of ASTM D6866 testing in the region, we’ve decided to open this new facility in Sao Paulo. Our clients will now have a faster, more convenient, and cost effective way of submitting their samples to us. Expedited shipment of samples from Sao Paulo to Miami is at our expense,” Beta Analytic director Thierry Tamers explains.

All samples sent to Sao Paulo for ASTM D6866 testing will be sent overnight to the company’s lab in Miami, Florida. The Sao Paulo office only accepts samples and documents. For correspondence, billing, and payment remittance purposes, clients still need to contact the main office.

The Sao Paulo facility is the company’s fourth sample forwarding office outside the USA. Based in Miami, Florida, Beta Analytic also has sample forwarding facilities in North Sydney, Australia; London, UK, Seoul, Korea; and Beijing, China (now in Xiamen). It also has a local representative in Nagoya, Japan.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited Beta Analytic is the world’s largest commercial ASTM D6866 and radiocarbon dating lab. Based on radiocarbon analysis, ASTM D6866 is an industrial standard used to measure the fraction of a solid, liquid, or gaseous material that came from biomass. The method has been incorporated in several regulations and biobased product initiatives around the world.

Beta Analytic Latin America Address:

Beta Analytic Inc.
Avenida Paulista 1079 – 8º andar
São Paulo, SP
CEP 01311-200
Tel: +55 (21) 39585790

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