Sending Samples for Biobased Content or Renewable Carbon Testing

Step 1

Contact us at for a quote

Step 2

Prepare Samples

Please read guidelines on sampling and recommended containers before shipment of your samples:

CO2 emissions and waste-derived fuels (e.g. RDF, SRF, tires, waste, sludge)

Biobased products

Liquid biofuels

Products for natural vs synthetic testing (e.g. essential oils, nutraceuticals)

Water – nitrate analysis

Beta Analytic is a tracer-free laboratory. Samples that have been artificially enhanced with Carbon-12, Carbon-13, Carbon-14 or any other isotope cannot be accepted for analysis as they may cause damage to the lab’s equipment. Any damages to equipment or loss of equipment time resulting from samples that contain elevated isotope ratios will be the responsibility of the client and will be billed to the client.

All materials categorised as hazardous or containing combustible elements must be shipped directly to the lab in Miami in accordance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations; details can be found in the Fedex Packaging Dangerous Goods section.

NOTE: The lab can only accept very small quantities of hazardous or flammable substances (e.g. microliters). If in doubt about the safety of your sample, please contact the lab at

The lab does not accept mutagenic materials for testing.

Step 3

Submit Online Sample Form  

Step 4

Send samples and Sample Submittal Form to a Beta Analytic office

Customs declaration for shipment directly to the lab in Miami, Florida – “CARBON NCM NUMBER 2803.00 FOR SCIENTIFIC STUDY – TO BE DESTROYED ENTIRELY DURING THE ANALYSIS – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”

Customs and carriage value: 1 USD

Harmonized Tariff Number (HS code) – 280300

Please do not send more than what we require to minimize customs issues.

Turnaround time – Our quoted turnaround time starts following day of receipt at the Miami laboratory excluding weekends.