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Quantification of Biogenic CO2 and Biomass-derived Carbon Content of Waste Fuels via ASTM D6866

Do you want to quantify the renewable carbon content of your emissions to comply with regulations, take advantage of government incentives, or obtain carbon credits? You can determine the renewable carbon content or biogenic fraction of carbon dioxide emissions through ASTM D6866 testing. Collect gas samples in a gas bag according to ASTM D7459 and send it to a Beta Analytic facility near you. You can also submit solid fuels for testing in lieu of the gas samples depending on the regulations in your country.

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ASTM D6866 Biobased Product Certification

Send your biobased products to Beta Analytic for ASTM D6866 testing.

Consumers are now looking for eco-friendly products. If you manufacture or sell biobased products, you can disclose their biobased content in your packaging labels and marketing materials. If you want to apply for certain ecolabels or join the USDA BioPreferred Program, you need to know the exact biobased content of your products to determine if they comply with the required minimum biobased content levels.

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Measuring the Biobased Content of Biofuels through ASTM D6866

ASTM D6866 testing on biofuels can reveal how much of it came from renewable sources or biomass. You can check the validity of biomass content claims through this test.

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