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Beta Analytic Opens New Delhi Facility for Clients in South Asia

ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited ASTM D6866 testing lab Beta Analytic, Inc., will now receive samples at its new facility in New Delhi, India. ASTM D6866 is a standard method used to determine the exact fraction of solid, liquid, or gaseous samples that come from renewable sources through radiocarbon analysis. Due to its inherent flexibility, the method is applicable to bioplastics and other biobased products, biofuels, alternative fuels like municipal solid waste and used tires as well as their combustion emissions.

Beta Analytic’s India office is located at Phytolith Research Institute, 3, Pragati Near Kakade Park in Chinchwad Pune. Research associates Andrew Pal and Pat Patodia will manage communications in the country.

“The New Delhi office was set up to provide better service to our clients in South Asia, particularly in India. Sample submissions for India-based clients will be easier, more convenient, cheaper, and faster compared to sending their packages directly to Miami by regular mail. The samples will be sent to our Miami lab via overnight courier services,” says Mauricio Larenas, Beta Analytic Business Development Manager.

Companies with U.N. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in India using the CDM AM0025 methodology are encouraged to submit their gas bag samples to the New Delhi office. South Asia manufacturers and distributors of biobased products as well as those developing biofuels will also be served by this office.

Founded in 1979, Beta Analytic has a growing client list of more than 9,000 scientists and engineers from more than 30 countries worldwide. Its headquarters is in Miami, Florida. It has offices and representatives in London, UK; Nagoya, Japan; and Beijing, China.

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