Reporting the Biomass-derived Carbon Content of Biofuels

ASTM D6866 lab results are reported as the percentage of biogenic carbon relative to total carbon and not to total mass of the sample or molecular weight. Lab reports include a graphical presentation of results that is easy to understand as well as a tabulated summary and an explanation of the result.

Comment on biobased content calculation: Presently ASTM D6866-12 requires the percent modern carbon value (pMC) reported to be multiplied by a correction factor of 0.95 to account for excess carbon-14 in the atmosphere due to nuclear weapons testing. However, a revision is pending for ASTM D6866 to update the correction factor to 0.98 due to ongoing decrease in excess atmospheric 14CO2. For the purposes of accuracy, the report now provided to clients is using the new correction factor of 0.98. Generally results below ~20% biobased carbon will not be affected. However results close to 100% will be ~2-3 % biobased carbon higher using the 0.98 factor vs 0.95. Results between ~20-90% will increase by 0-3%.

Beta Analytic ASTM D6866 Report

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