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ISO 17025-accredited biobased content testing lab Beta Analytic will co-host a webinar with the U.S. Department of Agriculture about the BioPreferred® Program and how carbon-14 analysis is used to measure a product’s biobased carbon content.
Live Webinar: March 22, 2022  * Available on Demand *
Speakers: Serafima Kurepa (Beta Analytic), Andrew Jermolowicz (Director, USDA Rural Development – Business Development Division) and Vernell Thompson (Procurement Analyst, USDA Rural Development – Public-Private Partnerships Branch)

BioPreferred Program Webinar Focus:

  • History of the USDA BioPreferred Program
  • Impact of the Program
  • What does biobased mean & how is it measured?

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“The BioPreferred Program has provided biobased companies invaluable support to market their products to the US government, other companies, and the public since 2011. We are glad to co-host this webinar with the USDA. We aim to provide interested applicants more information about the types of materials accepted under the program. As the representative of Beta Analytic, I will discuss carbon-14 analysis as a tool for biobased content measurement and the submission process for our lab. Any questions about biobased content testing during the Q&A and after the live stream are welcome,” says Beta Analytic Account Manager Serafima Kurepa.

​​If you want to send your questions in advance, please email Ms. Kurepa at

Biobased products in the USDA BioPreferred Program catalog

As of June 2022, there are three groups of biobased products in the BioPreferred Program:

  1. Certified-only – they do not fit into one of the 139 categories qualified for mandatory federal purchasing but have gone through the BioPreferred Program’s certification process.
  2. Qualified-only – they fall under one of the product categories but have not gone through the program’s certification process.
  3. Qualified/Certified – they belong in one of the product categories AND have gone through the program’s certification process.

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​​Beta Analytic is committed to provide high-quality, reliable testing to fulfill the requirements of the USDA’s BioPreferred Program. The company is not affiliated with the USDA or the BioPreferred Program.

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