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Join a Free Webinar on Dating Sediment Samples

Live Webinar: December 2, 2021 * Available on Demand *
Speaker: Dr. Maren Pauly, Scientific Associate at Beta Analytic and Isobar Science
* Also available with Simplified Chinese subtitles *

Beta Analytic and subsidiary Isobar Science will host a webinar focusing on sediments. Topics include:

  • Different types of sediments (marine, terrestrial, lacustrine, aeolian deposits)
  • Dating Sediments: Radiocarbon vs Uranium-Thorium
  • Strontium, oxygen, carbon, lead, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic analyses for sediments
  • Sample collection best practices
  • Beta Analytic’s recommendations on sample size and submission

UPDATE: Isobar Science discontinued the Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb service starting January 2024.

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About the Speaker

Maren Pauly, PhD, has research experience on reconstructing climate from modern corals and subfossil tree-rings as well as Late Glacial radiocarbon calibration. She is a paleoclimatologist currently affiliated with Beta Analytic and Isobar Science as a Scientific Associate. She received her PhD degree from Freie Universität Berlin.

Beta Analytic & Isobar Science

Miami-based Beta Analytic is an ISO 17025-accredited radiocarbon dating laboratory, which also provides stable isotope analysis for several materials, including sediments. The lab offers two services for organic sediment – AMS Standard (turnaround time of 14 business days or less) and AMS Priority (results reported in 6 business days or less). For more information, visit Beta Analytic’s Radiocarbon Dating Sediments page.

Isobar Science provides Uranium-Thorium dating, strontium analysis and geochemical fingerprinting services, among others. The company specializes in high-precision elemental analysis of isotopes, including boron, lead, and strontium. For more information, visit

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