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Beta Analytic Webinars

Latest Webinar: Application of Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotope Systematics in Earth Science Register to view these free webinars on demand:

  • Uranium-Thorium Dating
    • Chemistry of U-Th Dating
    • How does U-Th dating differ from Carbon-14 dating
    • Advancements, limitations, and application examples
  • Curcumin Integrity
    • What’s happening in the curcumin category
    • Issues responsible buyers need to understand
    • Best practices for protecting this high growth botanical market
  • Nutrient Source Tracking
    • How isotopic analysis is used to fingerprint, source, and track nitrogen pollution
    • Examine how this data is related to the fate of a nutrient in a system
    • How monitoring of isotopic values can improve remediation projects
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