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Radiocarbon Dating Dissolved Carbon in Water

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Live Webinar: November 16, 2023 * Available on Demand *
Speakers: Amy M. Scott, PhD (Beta Analytic Director – Research and Development) and Sean P. Ahearn, M.Sc, GIT (Beta Analytic Scientist – Research and Development)

Webinar Topics

  • A brief overview on Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) versus Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC);
  • Beta Analytic’s requirements on DOC concentration, salinity and filtration;
  • Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopic tracking of aromatic carbon; and
  • UV oxidation and conversion of 14CDOC to 14CO2 for radiocarbon analysis.

Dr. Scott and Mr. Ahearn will also talk about the laboratory’s case studies, including the use of brown Nalgene (HDPE) versus amber glass bottles when collecting water samples for radiocarbon dating.

About the Webinar Speakers

Amy Scott - Beta Analytic R&D Director

Dr. Amy M. Scott is currently the Director of R&D and manages the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and methane/hydrocarbon projects with her diverse R&D team at Beta Analytic. Two small business innovation research (SBIR) phase I projects have been awarded to her and her R&D team for work on optically stimulated luminescence for quartz/feldspar dating and radiocarbon of methane.

Sean P. Ahearn, M.Sc, GIT, is a geologist and Research & Development Scientist at Beta Analytic. He has worked on several projects to develop cutting edge techniques to better understand non-point source water and gas pollution using radiogenic and stable isotopes. Water projects have been focused on understanding changes in water chemistry, ranging from nitrate pollution to carbon cycling (DIC/DOC).

Sean Ahearn - Beta Analytic R&D Scientist

Dr. Scott and Mr. Ahearn are co-authors of the research “Using environmental tracers to evaluate the preservation of palaeoclimate signals in aquifers of the London Basin, UK” published in February 2023 in the Journal of Hydrology.

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