Why Measure the Biogenic Carbon Content of Biofuels?

Check or prove the accuracy of biofuel blends

The ASTM D6866 measurement of biogenic/renewable carbon content is recognised worldwide as a third-party verification to check the accuracy of biofuel blends, as required by clients, suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors.

Obtain precise data on biogenic carbon content

Reliable data on renewable content are vital during the R&D phase of product development. The test can measure progress as biogenic carbon content is optimized over time.

Qualify for tax credits and other incentives

A number of initiatives worldwide encourage the use of biofuels and require a measurement of the biogenic fraction of liquid fuels, such as the US EPA Renewable Fuel Standard, which stipulates ASTM D6866 Testing.

What can Biogenic Carbon Testing do for me?

Biofuels, solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels produced from biomass, are touted as good alternatives to fossil fuels because they produce carbon-neutral carbon dioxide when burned. Most biofuels such as bio-ethanol and biodiesel in the market today are processed from photosynthetic plants containing Carbon-14. Biogenic carbon testing uses Carbon-14 dating technology to determine the biogenic vs. fossil fraction of biofuels and other biobased products. For example, bio-ethanol and synthetic fossil-derived ethanol are chemically indistinguishable but Carbon-14 testing will accurately distinguish the two.

Take Advantage of Beta Analytic’s Expertise!

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Test results in only 7 business days or less

The lab’s standard delivery time is only 7 business days or less. A priority service is available for results required in 4 business days or less. Results can be accessed online 24/7 with Quality Assurance reports and sample photos.

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Co-developers of the ASTM D6866 method

The lab was one of the key developers of the ASTM D6866 method and has served as technical adviser to all the major biobased standardization initiatives worldwide.

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World leader in Carbon-14 measurements

Since 1979, ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic has been the world leader in Carbon-14 analysis.

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Expert technical support

Beta Analytic has unparalleled expertise with complex samples including biofuels. Our service includes free unlimited technical support.

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Tracer-free laboratory

The lab does not accept biomedical samples containing artificial Carbon-14 that risk cross-contaminating renewable carbon measurements.

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