Ready to submit a hydrocarbon or fuel gas for biogenic carbon testing?

1. Complete the Hydrocarbon Gas questionnaire then submit a form.

Contact your Account Manager or to receive a Hydrocarbon Gas questionnaire. A questionnaire must be completed, submitted, and approved by our laboratory team prior to submitting your sample.

lab recommendation Fill out the correct submission form

Use our “Fuel Gas / Hydrocarbon Gas” form.

2. Prepare the required sample size and containers

Recommended Containers Sample Volume
Restek Multi-Layer Aluminum Foil (catalog 22950), with polypropylene valve *Preferred Container 0.6 L or 1 L
Cali-5-Bond™ multi-layer foil sampling bags *Preferred Container 0.6 L or 1 L
IsoBag® gas bags 0.300 L

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Please fill the bag ⅔ full.

3. Ship samples directly to Miami

lab recommendation

Samples need to be shipped directly to the lab in Miami by a Dangerous Goods Shipper since Beta’s international forwarding facilities are not equipped to accept or ship fuel gases and hydrocarbon gases. It is recommended that an archival sample is collected and stored prior to submission of your hydrocarbon/fuel gas sample. Please send to:

Beta Analytic Inc.
4985 SW 74th Court
Miami, Florida 33155

When sending directly to Miami, please use this label for customs declaration:
For scientific study – to be destroyed entirely during the analysis – no commercial value.

Customs and carriage value: 1 USD

Harmonized Tariff Number (HS code)
2711.21.00 – Natural gas
2711.29.00 – Petroleum Gases and Other Gaseous Hydrocarbons, Gaseous, Others
2711.29.0025 – Butanes, Gaseous, Others
2711.14.00 – Ethylene, propylene, butylene, and butadiene

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All shipping must be arranged with a Dangerous Goods Shipper.

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Beta is not responsible for the clearance or transportation costs of international shipments. Shipments arranged through a freight forwarder must be sent under DDP terms. The shipper is responsible for handling the administrative requirements to release the shipment.

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We will email you to confirm the safe arrival of your samples in Miami and to quote a delivery date for the results. Our quoted turnaround time starts following the day we receive your samples in Miami, excluding weekends. Samples received after the 3 PM EST cut-off time are logged on the next business day.

For reliable, accurate and fast hydrocarbon gas testing, choose Beta Analytic.