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CO2 and Waste-Derived Fuels

Environmental Expert (Nov. 2009) – Used Tires are Better Fuels than Coal and Coke, Aliapur Says

Energetica India (Nov.-Dec. 2009 Issue) – Quantifying the Renewable Carbon Content of Scrap Tires

Scrap Tire News (Dec. 2009) – Burning Scrap Tires Produce Lesser Fossil CO2 Emissions than Burning Coal

Global Cement Magazine (March 2010) – U.S. Cement Industry’s Issues with the EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule

Industrial GHG Solutions Magazine (April 2010) – ASTM D6866: Measuring Biogenic CO2 of Stack Emissions

WTERT Brasil Web site (August 2010) – Teste de Conteúdo Biogenico de Combustíveis Derivados de Residuos via ASTM D6866 (Portuguese article)

Entsorga (September 2010) – Biomassenanteil berechnen (German article)

World Cement Magazine (November 2010) – Measuring Biogenic Fraction

Biobased Industry

Emballages Magazine (Aug. 2008) – Beta Analytic qualifie l’origine renouvelable des bioplastiques (French article)

Society of Plastics Engineers Quebec Section Bulletin (Sept. 2009) –  ASTM D6866: Measuring the Biobased Content of Biopolymers

British Adhesives and Sealants Association Bulletin (Feb. 2010) – ASTM D6866: Determining the Biobased Content of Adhesives and Sealants

Science Times China (June 2010) – ASTM D6866:生物低碳工具 (Chinese article)


Ethanol Producer Magazine (June 2006) – Distinguishing Between ‘Bio-Ethanol’ and Petroleum Ethanol

Third-Party Articles Featuring ASTM D6866 or Beta Analytic

Emballages Magazine (Oct. 2009) – Des Bioplastiques Plus Transparents (French article)

Industrial GHG Solutions (Nov. 2009) – EPA Recommends Radiocarbon Dating by Ron Kotrba

Chemical & Engineering News (February 2012) – Verifying Biobased Materials by Marc Reisch

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