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ASTM D7026-04: A Companion Guide of ASTM D6866 (Withdrawn 2020)

  • ASTM D7026-04 serves as a guide on how to collect and handle materials for ASTM D6866 testing
  • This standard discusses proper sample collection to resolve heterogeneity issues, reporting of results, handling procedures and chain-of-custody.
  • Beta Analytic provides ASTM D6866 testing services but not ASTM D7026

ASTM D6866 identifies the radiocarbon dating techniques that can be used to analytically determine the biobased content of any material. ASTM D7026-04 serves as a guide on how to collect and handle materials for ASTM D6866 testing.

ASTM D7026 Sample Collection, Preparation, and Report

ASTM D7026 describes how to make sure that a solid or liquid sample sent to the lab is representative of the entire material to be tested. It also provides tips on how to control the moisture content of the sample considering that the biobased content is reported on dry weight basis.

ASTM D7026 discusses a sample’s carbon content and particle size requirements for ASTM D6866 testing and lists what is to be included in a report for the determination of biobased content of a material.

A copy of ASTM D7026 can be downloaded for a fee at the ASTM website.

Beta Analytic: ASTM D6866 Provider

ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited Beta Analytic provides ASTM D6866 testing to the biobased industry. Materials sent to Beta Analytic’s lab are assumed to be collected in accordance to ASTM D7026 or an industry’s standard sampling method. Beta Analytic only provides sampling weight/volume requirements but not the methods on sample collection. Details on Beta Analytic lab’s sample requirements are found here.