Korea Bio Material Packaging Association’s Biobased Label (BP Label)

  • KBMP started its biobased certification program in 2011
  • This labeling program applies to biobased resin and its derivatives with at least 25% biomass content
  • KBMP’s BP Label, which is valid for two years, has no implications on a product’s compostability or biodegradability.

NOTE: Beta Analytic is not affiliated with KBMP or its Biobased Certification Program. However, you are welcome to contact BETA ANALYTIC on how to submit samples for testing as part of KBMP’s Biobased Certification Program.

KBMP Biobased Certificate Program

Korea Bio Material Packaging Association (KBMP) launched its Biobased Certificate Program in 2011 to provide consumers a better understanding of carbon-reducing products and their proper uses as well as to promote biobased products. Items accepted for certification are categorized as Material (pellets made from biomass), Product (finished products made from biomass-based pellets), and Package (packaging used for materials and products). For each category, individual certificates are given with the numeric value of the biomass content marked on the label. If both the product and packaging are certified, a single certificate is given with numeric values for both product and packaging noted on the label.

Product Eligibility Biobased resin (pellets), finished products and packaging made from biobased resin
Basic Requirements Must be at least 25% biobased according to KBMP-0107:2011 or ASTM D6866
Additional Information If the resin or the product is a mixture, not singular, each individual product will go through the certification process. Resin or products will be certified based on their biomass content relative to gross weight.
Certification Validity 2 years

About Korea Bio Material Packaging Association

KBMP was established with the permission of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to promote carbon-neutral biomass materials and products and solve relevant technical problems involved in creating such products. The organization has more than 400 members from different fields. Aside from promotion of biobased products and localization of raw materials, KBMP also prepares standards and certification for biomass raw materials and finished products, as well as facilitate the exchange of information with domestic and foreign agencies.

Source: http://www.koreabiopack.org/

Beta Analytic ASTM D6866 Testing

ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited Beta Analytic supports Korea’s biobased industry by providing fast and accurate ASTM D6866 testing. The company has a representative based in Korea and accepts samples through a forwarding facility in Seoul. All analyses are done in the lab’s headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Beta Analytic recommends at least two measurements for better credibility or averaging, although one measurement is fine for research and development purposes. The lab recommends three to four analyses if the ASTM D6866 test results will be used for any purpose with legal ramifications.