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Carbon-14 Testing is Useful in Growing Bioplastics Industry

There has been a rising demand for sustainable alternatives in place of conventional plastic material.

Production of biobased plastics allows for a more sustainable option since bioplastics are made from renewable sources (e.g. plant material) as opposed to petroleum-based ingredients, writes Beta Analytic Marketing Manager Haley Gershon in bioplastics MAGAZINE.

As a regulatory practice to ensure bioplastics meet biobased content thresholds, manufacturers opt to submit product samples to a carbon-14 testing laboratory for biobased content testing.

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There is a growing list of countries, including Italy and France, with regulatory initiatives to enforce bans on single-use plastics and to require the manufacturing of biobased plastics. Regulations specify carbon-14 testing as a reliable method to verify the biobased content of such products.

For further details, please read the full article in bioplastics MAGAZINE [06/14] Vol. 9.

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