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Beta Analytic Introduces ASTM D6866 Testing at Enerstate 2010 India

Andrew Pal, Beta Analytic research associate, introduced the ASTM D6866 method to renewable energy project managers and researchers present at the First International Conference on Clean Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Development (Enerstate 2010), which was held in Dehradun, India, from December 27 to December 29, 2010. Mr. Pal had a booth at the exhibit hall and talked about ASTM D6866 testing during a presentation.

The three-day event included lectures and presentation of papers on different forms on renewable energy. Topics included biomass, biofuels, solar power, waste-to-energy, photovoltaic systems, and wind energy. The conference was organized by the Uttarakhand Technical University, the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (Kanpur), and Shivalik College of Engineering.

ASTM D6866 Testing

The ASTM D6866 method can be used to determine the exact percentage of a material that came from renewable sources. For mixed biofuels (partly biomass, partly fossil), the exact percentage of the non-fossil component can be measured using this method. ASTM D6866 can also be used to determine renewable carbon content of emissions from the combustion of alternative fuels such as municipal solid waste and used tires.

Based on radiocarbon analysis, ASTM D6866 was developed at the request of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its BioPreferred Program. Under this initiative, federal agencies are required to purchase biobased products. ASTM D6866 testing was done to verify biobased content claims of manufacturers and distributors that applied to this program.


Beta Analytic Booth at Enerstate 2010
Beta Analytic Booth at Enerstate 2010
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