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Ontario GHG Regulation Identifies ASTM D6866 as Quantification Method

carbon dioxideThe Ministry of the Environment of Ontario, Canada, has published Ontario Regulation 452/09, which focuses on greenhouse gas emissions reporting. The guideline accompanying the regulation outlined the standard methods to be used for emissions quantification. ASTM D6866 is the standard identified for the quantification of biomass CO2 emissions from the combustion of fuels with both biomass and fossil inputs.

The regulation covers 30 greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) and applies to facilities emitting at least 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. It requires submission of annual reports by June 1 beginning in 2011.

ASTM D6866 for Biomass CO2 Measurement

The guideline states that operators of general stationary combustion units using mixtures of biomass and fossil fuels are required to determine the biomass portion of CO2 emissions using ASTM D6866 if the biomass fraction is unknown as in the case of waste-derived fuels like municipal solid waste. Total GHG emissions in tons per year for fossil and biomass fuels will be reported by fuel type.

According to the guideline, ASTM D6866 shall be conducted on a representative fuel or exhaust gas sample at least every three months. Gas samples should be collected for at least 24 consecutive hours in accordance with ASTM D7459.

The procedure, however, is not required for persons or entities combusting (a) fuels that contain less than 5% biomass by weight, or (b) waste-derived fuels that are less than 30% by weight of the total combusted in a calendar year.

Source: Guide: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting (version May 16, 2016)

Ontario’s Regulation and Guideline

Ontario’s emissions reporting regulation will serve as foundation of the cap-and-trade program it is developing in coordination with its Western Climate Initiative co-members. Most of the methods listed in the guideline are found in the WCI’s Essential Requirements for Mandatory Reporting and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Mandatory Reporting Rule.

The guideline was published in October 7, 2009.

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