Renewable Carbon Test Standards

If you are sending samples to comply with certain regulations, please consult the regulatory agency what standardized method should be used.

ASTM D6866

  • Applicable to solid or liquid fuels and their combustion emissions
  • Measures % Biogenic Carbon as a fraction of total carbon

BS EN ISO 21644:2021

  • International standard used to determine the biomass content in solid recovered fuels
  • It supersedes EN 15440

ISO 13833

  • International standard developed to address the need for accurate and reliable data for carbon emissions trading
  • Can only be used to determine the fractions of biomass-derived and fossil-fuel derived carbon dioxide (CO2) in the total emitted CO2 from exhaust gases of stationary sources

Related Test Standards (not offered by Beta Analytic):

Selective Dissolution Method – limited to samples that are 100% biodegradable

ASTM D7459 – Guide on how to collect gas samples for ASTM D6866 testing

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