Why measure water isotopes?

The hydrological cycle is one of the most critical natural phenomena on earth, providing people with much needed fresh water, as well as maintaining healthy and balanced ecosystems both on a local and global scale.

Origin (δ18O, δ2H)

In order to properly evaluate a water body, you must first determine the source. Stable isotopic values for water can be used to understand the formation of precipitation — the ultimate source of water. Aquifer, spring and glacial waters all have different chemical values.

Land use and aquifer recharging (DOC/DIC)

In most places your drinking water is just below your feet. An understanding of the source and age of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) found naturally in groundwater can give insight into well health and water recharge.

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Beta Analytic Webinars

Beta Analytic’s webinars demonstrate how the integration of stable isotopic analysis improves water quality and water management systems.

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