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Beta Analytic Participates in 4th Global Fuels Conference & Exhibition

Beta Analytic director Thierry Sam Tamers joined the 4th Global Alternative Fuels Conference for Cement and Lime to introduce the benefits of ASTM D6866 testing for facilities using alternative fuels. The conference was held in Washington, DC, from May 26-27, 2010.

Global Fuels Conference & ExhibitionThe conference was attended by cement and lime manufacturers and those from allied industries like equipment vendors, emissions brokers, fuel procurement managers, and chemical engineers. Main topics included fuel supply and pricing trends, fuels handling and storage, emissions trading, fuel processing, process efficiency of fuels, combustion efficiency, and reducing electrical consumption.

The Global Fuels Conference & Exhibition aims to bring together all parties interested in fuels for the cement and lime industries. The next conference is slated for April 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Beta Analytic Table at 4th Global Fuels Conference

ASTM D6866 Testing for Cement and Lime Plants

Cement and lime manufacturers that use alternative fuels can have their combustion emissions tested for biomass content. Since carbon dioxide emissions that came from renewable sources or biomass is considered carbon neutral and therefore not reportable under most regulations, companies can decrease their greenhouse gas inventories and, at the same time, obtain carbon credits if they are part of cap-and-trade programs.

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