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How to Promote your Biobased Laundry Products

Within the household cleaning supplies industry, the preference for laundry detergents with plant-based ingredients (biobased) thrives as they are perceived to be more compatible with eco-friendly lifestyles. As consumer interest in chemicals used in laundry products continue to grow, how can manufacturers assure customers that their products are indeed biobased?

Carbon-14 Testing

Carbon-14 analysis can be used by manufacturers and distributors to verify the biobased content of any product. The test measures the percentage of plant-sourced ingredients versus petrochemical-derived components.

Carbon-14 testing assures consumers that biobased claims truly represent product composition.


Use Ecolabels

Beta Analytic’s marketing specialist Haley Gershon describes in a recently published article how manufacturers can use the carbon-14 test results to prove if their product has the required percentage of biobased content to qualify for certain eco-labels.

For instance, to display the USDA Certified Biobased Product label, general purpose laundry detergents must have a biobased content level of at least 34%. DIN CERTCO’s DIN-Geprüft Biobased certification scheme and TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK biobased program also require carbon-14 testing to qualify in their programs.

There are several analytical standards that can be used to measure biobased content. The USDA BioPreferred® Program, for example, specifically states that carbon-14 testing will be done in accordance to analytical standard ASTM D6866. Under the Bio-based Content Certification Scheme, the Carbon-14 content of a product will be determined according to the European analytical standard EN 16640.

For more information, please read the article Biobased Laundry Detergents published in the September/October 2019 edition of Household and Personal Care (H&PC) Today.

Rapid Biobased Content Testing

Miami-based Beta Analytic provides rapid, professional biobased content testing services worldwide.

For turnaround time or price inquiries, please contact the lab.

Beta Analytic is not affiliated with the USDA, DIN CERTCO or TUV Austria.

Image Credit: karunasanghvi from Pixabay

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