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Biobased Labels and Authentication through Carbon-14

Biobased product demand is seeing exponential growth over the years with market value expected to reach over $94 million by 2026. Biobased ingredients are used for a variety of applications such as personal care and cosmetics, packaging, pharmaceutical, biofuel, waste-to-energy, and food and beverage sectors.

The term “biobased” is defined as materials that are derived from biomass resources e.g. plants. The lack of a clear definition of “natural” has prompted industry stakeholders to use the term “biobased” on labels to demonstrate the use of plant-based sources.

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Beta Analytic Marketing Manager Haley Gershon explains that as prices increase and consumer demand rises, the biobased market is exposed to ingredient fraud. Adulteration, the act of intentionally replacing plant-based ingredients with petrochemical-derived synthetics, is also on the rise. Analytical proof to authenticate biobased ingredients is therefore key.

Biobased Content Testing by Carbon-14 Analysis

To confirm the biobased content of any material, techniques like carbon-14 testing are used. For instance, when it comes to analyzing flavor and fragrance samples, the analysis is standardized under ASTM D6866 or ISO 16620-2, both of which are used for determining the biobased content of samples through radiocarbon analysis. Suppliers, manufacturers and distributors can submit their flavor or fragrance samples to carbon-14 laboratories to receive a report detailing the biobased content of their products.

For further details, please read the article “The Natural Order: Biobased Flavors & Fragrances” in the March 2020 edition of Perfumer & Flavorist.

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Excerpt from Beta Analytic’s presentation during the webinar “Stewarding Responsible Growth by Protecting the Integrity of the Curcumin Category”

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