EN 17228 – Terminology, Characteristics and Communication for Bio-based Polymers & Plastics

Beta Analytic does NOT provide results in accordance with the EN 17228:2019 standard. As a biobased carbon content testing laboratory, Beta only provides reports according to analytical standards EN 16640 and ISO 16620-2 referenced in EN 17228.

NOTE: For EN 16640 testing, results are reported as % bio-based carbon as a fraction of the total carbon (TC). If you’re requesting reporting in accordance with ISO 16620-2, please choose the Total Carbon (TC) option in our online form.

What is EN 17228?

The EN 17228 standard specifies the terminology, methods for characterization, and templates for reporting on bio-based polymers and plastics, including semi-finished plastic products and composites. The standard does not cover biocompatible polymers and plastics for medical applications.

Aside from bio-based carbon content, EN 17228 also includes life cycle assessment and sustainability aspects. 

EN 17228 (Plastics – Bio-based polymers, plastics, and plastics products – Terminology, characteristics and communication) was first published in January 2019. 

ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited Beta Analytic is not affiliated with CEN or CEN/TC 249, the technical committee responsible for EN 17228.

Page Last Updated: January 2021