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Benefits of USDA Certified Biobased Product Labeling with Beta Analytic

The USDA BioPreferred® Program is a relatively recent initiative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is intended to promote and assist in the growth of bio-based products and markets. Whatever industry your company is in, there are benefits to using biomass to produce your products, however, you will be missing out on some significant advantages if you are not taking part in the BioPreferred Program.

Beta Analytic is a leading biobased content testing provider and an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. The lab can provide the necessary testing for certification that would allow you to use USDA Certified Biobased Product labeling in your products and marketing materials. If you’re already using biomass for your products and you haven’t joined the BioPreferred Program, then these are three reasons why you should start seriously considering joining the initiative.

Potential Increased Sales through Government Procurement Contracts

Government contracts can be highly lucrative for the companies that are able to win and fulfill them. Of course, this also means that these contracts are highly competitive. With USDA  Certified Biobased labeling, your products would be eligible for preferential procurement from federal agencies and subcontractors. This has the potential to benefit a diverse range of producers, including construction and safety equipment manufacturers. If you design and produce products that can be used in key industries, having an edge when it comes to government bids could have a huge impact on your bottom line and future growth.

The government will prioritize contracts based on the total percentage of biomass materials used in products.

Creating a Better Marketing Image for Your Company

Differentiating products and a brand can be difficult in any industry. Working with biomass materials will already provide you with a point of difference, but you won’t be able to get full leverage from your unique manufacturing ingredients if you aren’t certified through the BioPreferred Program.

The BioPreferred Program comes with the benefit of established public awareness and the backing of the USDA. This can provide incredible marketing leverage that could lead to new opportunities and increased sales. If you have struggled so far with your brand positioning, even when promoting the fact that your products are manufactured using bio-based materials, the certification could be the missing link that is needed to deliver your marketing message.

Maximize the Investment You’ve Made in Biomass Materials

With Beta Analytic being a leading provider of biobased content testing, the lab has had the opportunity to work with countless businesses around the world. Many producers using biomass materials have done so as part of a transition in the manufacturing process. Moving away from reliance on petroleum-based and other non-bio products can require a significant investment. This investment needs to be recuperated and certified labeling can make it happen.

With the BioPreferred Program you can make the most of your investment by finding new environmentally conscious markets, and your company will be seen amongst the leaders in environmentally responsible innovation.

Ready to send your biobased products?

Please read the lab’s instructions for USDA Certified Biobased Product Label Applicants

Beta Analytic – ASTM D6866 Lab

Beta Analytic provides biobased testing in accordance with the ASTM D6866 standard. Show consumers that your company is committed to the environment and sustainable manufacturing with a publicly recognized label that reinforces your marketing message. Contact Beta Analytic when you’re ready to discuss testing for your certification of your biobased products.

Beta Analytic is not affiliated with ASTM or the USDA BioPreferred Program. The ISO 17025-accredited lab welcomes inquiries on ASTM D6866 biobased content testing. For turnaround time and price inquiries, please contact the lab.

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