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Carbon-14 Analysis: QA Tool for Dietary Supplements

In a recently published issue of the Nutritional Outlook, Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside talks about the importance of Carbon-14 analysis as a quality assurance tool for the nutraceuticals industry. To protect the integrity of their brands, it is highly recommended for manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements to determine the veracity of high-value natural ingredients used in their products.

Carbon-14 analysis is used to determine whether ingredients are obtained from petrochemicals or from plant, animal or microbial sources. The analysis has proven to be effective in confirming the presence of synthetic petrochemical-based adulterants in curcumin, including turmeric powder and oleoresin.

For more details, please read Beta Analytic’s article “Carbon-14 Analysis and Dietary Supplements” in Nutritional Outlook Volume 20 Number 8 October 2017 issue.

Natural Products Laboratory Beta Analytic

ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic provides fast, high-quality Carbon-14 analysis of curcumin and other dietary supplements to detect the presence of petrochemical-derived ingredients.

For inquiries on turnaround time or prices, please email the lab at or call a local forwarding facility.

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