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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Clean Development Mechanism Approved Baseline and Monitoring Methodology AM0025: “Avoided emissions from organic waste through alternative waste treatment processes.”

This methodology is applicable to projects where fresh waste intended for landfills is treated in any or a combination of these processes: composting, gasification, anaerobic digestion, RDF processing/thermal treatment without incineration, and incineration. Through the project, methane emissions in landfills are avoided and electricity or thermal energy is generated.

ASTM D6866 in AM0025

The fraction of fossil carbon from municipal solid waste and other waste is determined through ASTM D6866. Sampling is undertaken four times a year using ASTM D7459 – a standard on how to collect carbon dioxide emissions from stationary combustion units.

Through the CDM, companies in developed countries can obtain Certified Emission Reduction credits via projects that remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in other parts of the world. CERs can be traded or sold. One CER is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Source: Official CDM Web site

Updated October 26, 2009