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Beta Analytic Discusses Backing Up Clean Label Claims

In a Food Ingredients First journal, Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside talks about how biobased content/Carbon-14 testing of food ingredients can back up manufacturers’ “no artificial ingredient” claims as part of the growing clean labeling trend. Claims that food and beverages have no artificial flavors or colors can be verified by testing whether their ingredients are indeed free from petrochemicals.

To further improve their Quality Assurance programs, manufacturers can use a third-party analytical method to determine whether or not the sweeteners, enhancers, food coloring and flavors used in their products were sourced from mineral sources such as petroleum or coal tar before making labeling claims. For details, please read Beta Analytic’s article “How to Back Up Clean Label Claims” in the June 2017 issue of Food Ingredients First’s The World of Food Ingredients, an international journal for beverage and food product developers.

Fast Verification of Natural Claims

ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic offers high-quality Carbon-14 analysis to determine if a food or beverage ingredient was sourced from petrochemical derivatives. The lab provides results in 7 business days or less. A priority service is available for results required in 4 business days or less. For inquiries, please email the lab at or call a local forwarding facility.

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