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ASTM D6866 Lab Beta Analytic Exhibits at ICTABP4 in China

Beta Analytic, Inc., will promote ASTM D6866 biobased content testing at the Fourth International Conference of Technology & Application of Biodegradable Plastics (ICTABP4) to be held in Shanghai, China, from October 26 to October 28, 2010. Liu Fuming, Beta Analytic’s Operations Manager in China, will be present at the company’s booth to answer questions about ASTM D6866 testing and the company’s services.

“I am excited to introduce our company’s fast services to many biobased product manufacturers and distributors at the conference. Many of these companies will find our services necessary for their eco-labeling applications and research and development in general,” Mr. Liu says.

Beta Analytic ad in ICTABP4 magazineHeld at Shanghai Tongji University’s Jiading Campus, the ICTABP4 will feature new technology relevant to biomaterials as well as the latest processing technology, standards, testing, and trends for biodegradable materials. This year’s conference was organized by the Degradable Plastics Committee of CPPIA (DPC), Biodegradable Materials Group, China (BMG), Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA), Biodegradable Plastics Institute (BPI), Korean Bioplastics Association (KBPA), European Bioplastics, the National Center of Testing and Supervision for Quality of Plastics (NTSQP), and the National Technical Committee 380 on Biobased & Degradable Materials and Products of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC380). Beta Analytic is one of the co-sponsors of this event.

ASTM D6866 Overview

ASTM D6866 is a method used to determine the exact percentage of a biobased product that came from biomass. It involves measuring a product’s radiocarbon content. Materials that came from renewable sources have known levels of radiocarbon in them whereas those from fossil sources have zero radiocarbon. A tray that is wholly made from wood has 100% biobased content while a plastic cup made from fossil sources has 0% biobased content. A bioplastic fork, on the other hand, has a biobased content greater than 0% and lesser than 100%.

ASTM D6866 has been incorporated in several biobased initiatives including the US Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred Program, Vincotte’s OK Biobased Program, Japan Bioplastics Association’s BiomassPla certification and labeling system, and the EcoLogo’s standard for hand sanitizers CCD-170, among others.

Liu “Steven” Fuming
Beta Analytic China Operations Manager
Tel: +86-1084-181-950


Beta Analytic’s Booth
Beta Analytic’s Poster at the ICTABP4 (middle)
Other ICTABP4 Participants
Beta Analytic China Operations Manager Liu “Steven” Fuming

Images courtesy of Liu Fuming


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