COVID-19 Notice: The lab is currently operating as usual and following the safety recommendations from the government in Florida. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure employee safety.

Due to these unprecedented times, the situation may change at any moment, and we encourage you to contact us before sending your samples so we can recommend you the best way to proceed.

Beta Subsidiary Isobar Science is now Accepting Samples

Beta Analytic provides high-quality and timely results for several services including radiocarbon dating, stable isotope analysis, biobased carbon testing, natural product testing, biogenic carbon testing of biofuels and waste-derived fuels including CO2 emissions, and nitrate source tracking. As of 2020, the lab’s subsidiary Isobar Science is offering high-precision elemental analysis of isotopes, isotope ratios using wet chemistry, (LA-)MC-ICP-MS, and IRMS.

Services include:

  • Strontium Isotopic Ratios (Sr/Sr)
  • Uranium Thorium Dating (U/Th)
  • Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Ratios
  • Boron Isotopes
  • Pb Isotopes

Isobar Science provides clients with quality and timely data in the areas of geochronology, geochemical fingerprinting, and environmental source-tracking.

For more information, please visit

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