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How Carbon-14 Analysis Can Verify Natural Claims

Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside discusses in a Natural Products Insider article how Carbon-14 analysis can substantiate natural claims in flavors and fragrances and why companies should incorporate the analytical test in their quality assurance programs.

Carbon-14 testing is an excellent tool in screening natural extracts, essential oils, flavors, fragrances and supplements that are vulnerable to petrochemical adulteration. Products that are derived from natural sources have a known Carbon-14 level. Those that are manufactured wholly from petrochemical sources have no Carbon-14. By measuring the Carbon-14 content of the product, it can be easily deduced whether a natural product has been adulterated with petrochemical derivatives.

For more information, please read Beta Analytic’s article “Carbon-14 Analysis Helps Verify ‘Natural’ Claims” in Natural Products Insider’s March 2017 issue. For an article on natural products testing in Spanish, please see “Carbono-14 para detectar fraudes alimentarios” in Revista Enfasis Alimentacion’s August 2017 issue.

Beta Analytic’s Fast Natural Product Testing Services

ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic offers high-quality Carbon-14 analysis. The lab provides QA reports, 24/7 online access to results and unlimited technical support. For inquiries, please email the lab at or call a local forwarding facility.

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