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Beta Analytic Examines the Adulteration of Natural Ingredients

In a recent edition of the Food Safety Magazine, Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside and Research Associate Anna Lykkeberg discussed the adulteration of natural food products. The article outlines how carbon-14 testing can enhance supply chain integrity and food safety by detecting synthetic petrochemical-derived adulterants that are mislabelled on food products and ingredients.

natural food ingredientsBooming demand for natural products that are usually sold at a premium means economically motivated adulteration is now rife. Adulteration with any substance is a food safety concern. Even if the additive does not pose a risk to human health, the quality of the final product is compromised if ingredients are mislabelled.

Adulteration is also a legal and financial risk for F&F distributors and food manufacturers. Although use of the lucrative ‘natural’ label is widely unregulated, consumers expect these products to be devoid of synthetic substances, requiring companies to perform diligent quality assurance before risking their brand name and client confidence.

For more information, see Beta Analytic’s article “Have Your Natural Ingredients Been Adulterated?” in the June/July 2018 issue of Food Safety Magazine.

Backing Up Natural Claims

Beta Analytic offers fast and high-quality carbon-14 analysis to help food manufacturers and regulators determine whether the food or beverage products or ingredients contain any petrochemical-derived material. For inquiries, please contact the lab.

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