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Beta Analytic Recommends Natural Source Testing to F&F Industry

new oilAccording to ISO 17025-accredited natural product testing lab Beta Analytic, Carbon-14 analysis is an ideal tool for the flavor and fragrance industry to address challenges in demonstrating the natural source of products in a reproducible manner. Through Carbon-14 analysis, petrochemical adulteration of flavors and fragrance oils can be easily detected.

There are several suppliers that sell both natural and synthetic flavors or essential oils. Through Carbon-14 analysis, vendors are able provide third-party analytical proof of their products’ veracity and buyers can discover mislabeling at the procurement stage.

For more information, please read Beta Analytic’s article “Natural Source Testing for Flavors and Fragrances” in Perfumer & Flavorist Volume 41 December 2016 issue.

Beta Analytic Natural Product Testing Services

Based in Miami, Florida, Beta Analytic has recently expanded its services to include natural product testing that detects petrochemical adulteration in products such as flavors, fragrances, essential oils, botanical extracts and supplements. For pricing or turnaround time inquiries, please email the lab or call a local forwarding facility.

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