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Carbon-14 Analysis of Vitamin B Complexes

Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside discusses in the Autumn 2017 issue of Nutraceuticals Now the challenges surrounding development, procurement and labeling of “all natural” products and how carbon-14 testing can be used to check the veracity of “natural” Vitamin B preparations.

Companies in the nutraceuticals industry can further enhance their quality control measures by incorporating carbon-14 analysis, which provides the exact percentage of a material that comes from renewable (e.g. plants) vs fossil sources (e.g. petroleum). The test can provide proof if vitamin preparations claiming to be 100% naturally sourced have been adulterated with petroleum-derived chemicals.

For more information, please read Beta Analytic’s article “What does carbon-14 testing reveal about B vitamins?”.

Carbon-14 Testing Lab Beta Analytic

Based in Miami, Florida, ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic provides fast, high-quality Carbon-14 analysis of Vitamin B complexes and other supplements to detect petrochemical adulteration. For turnaround time inquiries or price list, please email the lab or call a local forwarding facility.

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