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Beta Analytic Shares Views on Quality Control in the Supplement Industry

In a recent issue of Nutrition Industry Executive, Beta Analytic Research Associate Anna Lykkeberg participated in a roundtable discussion on quality and compliance in the supplement industry and discussed the challenges with natural products and the role of third-party testing.

One of the key challenges in formulating natural supplements is having a stringent quality assurance program in place to catch any potential adulteration. One common form of adulteration is using cheaper petrochemical-derived synthetic materials in place of the often more expensive natural source. This can be detected using Carbon-14 testing. In a market where consumers are increasingly seeking out natural products, having reliable quality assurance is crucial to backup any “natural” claims.

For more details, please read the roundtable discussion “Product Quality: A Measurable Distinction” in Nutrition Industry Executive’s September 2017 online issue.

Carbon-14 Testing Lab Beta Analytic

Beta Analytic offers fast and high-quality Carbon-14 analysis for the dietary supplement industry to determine if products or ingredients have been sourced from petrochemical-derived or plant/biomass-derived material.

For turnaround time or price inquiries, please email the lab at or call a local forwarding facility.

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