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Beta Analytic Introduces ASTM D6866 Testing to WasteEng10 Participants

municipal solid wasteBeta Analytic representative Mauricio Larenas talked about the significance of ASTM D6866 testing for facilities that use waste as fuel during the 3rd International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisation held in Beijing, China, from May 17 to May 19, 2010. Fuming “Steven” Liu, Beta Analytic’s China Operations Manager, also joined the conference.

Better known as WasteEng, the conference aims to promote sustainable valorisation of waste and biomass by the generation of energy and other useful materials through processes with reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Materials featured in the conference includes municipal, mining, wastewater, electronic, wood and paper, sludge, agricultural, forest, and construction and demolition wastes.

ASTM D6866 Testing for Waste-Derived Fuels

Companies that use waste as alternative fuel can reduce their greenhouse gas inventories by measuring the percentage of their carbon dioxide emissions that came from biomass. Called biogenic CO2, emissions that came from biomass or renewable sources are deductible from GHG inventories because they are carbon neutral. Through ASTM D6866, the exact biomass fraction of the combustion emissions or the solid waste can be determined.

Municipal solid waste and used tires have been known to have significant amount of biomass. Sewage sludge, often assumed to be 100% biomass, has proved to have a significant amount of non-biomass components like the surfactants in shampoos and plastic materials. ASTM D6866 allows companies to measure their biogenic vs. non-biogenic emissions.

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