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Western Climate Initiative

Arizona, British Columbia, California, Manitoba, Montana, New Mexico, Ontario, Oregon, Quebec, Utah, and Washington are the partner-members of the Western Climate Initiative – an intergovernmental organization that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region. The WCI aims to establish an emissions cap-and-trade system. The first phase of the cap-and-trade scheme is set to start in January 2012.

ASTM D6866 in WCI Mandatory Reporting Requirements

The WCI mandates operators of combustion units using mixed fuels (with both biomass and fossil inputs) or waste-derived fuels to use ASTM D6866 to measure the biogenic fraction of their emissions on a quarterly basis. Knowing the biogenic fraction of their greenhouse gas emissions is important as carbon-neutral CO2 is deductible from greenhouse gas inventories.

The WCI members are set to start mandatory reporting in 2011 for gases emitted in 2010.

Updated August 31, 2009