Biobased Regulations

The EU Taxonomy Regulation for Biobased Products

The EU Taxonomy Regulation Act (2020/852) for sustainable economic activities was created in July 2020 to have a common language and clear definition of ‘sustainable’ when classifying investments. Sustainable investments in projects and activities in the EU is vital in order to meet the objectives in the EU Green Deal.

Tax Credits for Renewable Chemical Producers in the US

To incentivize the production of chemicals made from renewable resources, some states have implemented tax credit programs.

USDA BioPreferred Program – Choosing a Qualified Lab for Biobased Content Testing

Not all laboratories providing ASTM D6866 biobased content testing are qualified to provide such service to applicants of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred Program. Biobased content testing labs must first be accepted by the USDA. The labs must be ISO 17025-accredited.

Beta Analytic Participates in EU Biobased Standardization Initiative

Beta Analytic was selected to be an Advisory Partner to the European research project Knowledge Based Bio-based Products’ Pre-Standardization (KBBPPS), to provide expertise on biobased content testing.

US EPA sets Biobased Diesel Volume for 2013 at 1.28 Billion Gallons

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established the amount of bio-diesel products required to be included in diesel fuel markets in 2013. Biobased diesel products are advanced bio-fuels that are derived from sources that include vegetable oils and wastes oils from renewable sources.

UK DfT Recommends C14 Analysis to Measure Biofuel Renewable Content

In the consultation document published by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) regarding the implementation of the transport elements of the EU Renewable Energy Directive, the DfT is proposing to determine the renewable portion of partially renewable fuels through carbon-14 dating techniques.

Beta Comments on EPA’s Proposed Deferral of Biogenic CO2 Emissions

ASTM D6866 lab Beta Analytic Inc. has submitted a public comment on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule for the deferral of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from bioenergy and other biogenic sources. The company is recommending to the EPA that stationary sources combusting mixed fuels use ASTM D6866 testing to accurately measure their biogenic […]

US EPA Clarifies ASTM D6866 Use in Mandatory GHG Reporting

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is amending certain provisions of its Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Rule (MRR) to address issues raised after the MRR was first published in October 2009. Revisions will affect, among others, facilities combusting municipal solid waste or tires as fuels. These facilities no longer need to have continuous emission monitoring […]

Ohio Enacts Law for Biobased Products

Ohio became the first state in the U.S. to establish a law requiring state agencies and state-supported colleges and universities to buy biobased products. Senate Bill 131, introduced in June 2009 by Ohio Senator Karen Gillmor (R-Tiffin), became effective May 31, 2010.

US EPA Amended RFS Requires ASTM D6866 Testing for MSW-Derived Biofuel

The US EPA’s amended Renewable Fuel Standard, also called RFS2, requires ASTM D6866 testing to determine the biogenic fraction of transportation fuels derived from municipal solid waste (MSW), where the renewable portion of the fuel cannot be determined based on the relative energy content of the renewable biomass and fossil feedstock. ASTM D6866 can also […]

New Zealand Regulation Recommends ASTM D6866 for CO2 Emissions

ASTM D6866 has been added to the latest version of New Zealand’s Climate Change Regulations. The standard will be used to measure the non-biomass fraction of CO2 emissions from the combustion of used oil, waste oil, used tyres, or waste. Gases reported under the regulations are CH4, N2O, and non-biomass CO2.

EPA Says Use ASTM D6866 to Measure Biogenic CO2 in Emissions

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final greenhouse gas mandatory reporting rule allows owners and operators of general stationary units combusting a mix of biomass-derived and fossil fuels to use ASTM D6866 in determining the exact percentage of biogenic CO2. The reporting rule applies to all companies with facilities that produce a minimum of 25,000 […]

WCI Recommends ASTM D6866 Testing for Mixed Fuels Emissions

The Western Climate Initiative mandates that owners or operators of general stationary combustion units using mixed fuels and waste-derived fuels use ASTM D6866 to determine the biomass fraction of their carbon dioxide emissions. Mixed fuels are mixtures of biomass/biomass fuel and fossil fuel. Waste-derived fuels are those derived from wastes, excluding materials that are pure […]

Beta Public Comment: EPA Renewable Fuel Standard Program

Thierry Sam Tamers, Beta Analytic director, recommends the use of ASTM D6866 to measure the biomass fraction of municipal solid waste in a public comment submitted to the U.S. EPA in connection to the revised Renewable Fuel Standard Program.

Beta Public Comment: WCI Essential Requirements of Mandatory Reporting

Beta Analytic submitted a public comment to the Western Climate Initiative relating to the latter’s essential requirements for mandatory reporting final draft. Beta noted that sewage is not 100% biomass.

U.S. EPA to Revise Renewable Fuel Standard Program

In an effort to reduce dependence on fuel imports by increasing domestic sources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to change its Renewable Fuel Standard Program.  Changes to the regulation of fuels and fuel additives include:

WCI: Use ASTM D6866 to Determine Biomass Fuel Portion of CO2 Emissions

The Western Climate Initiative recommends ASTM D6866 analysis to determine the biomass fuel portion of carbon dioxide emissions produced by the combustion of mixtures of biomass fuel and fossil fuel. This mandate also covers municipal solid wastes, which have been categorized by the WCI as waste-derived fuels.

Beta Public Comment: EPA GHG Protocol Proposed Rule

Beta Analytic director, Thierry Sam Tamers, submitted a public comment to the U.S. EPA advocating the use of ASTM D6866 to determine the biomass fraction of all heterogeneous fuels, not only for municipal solid waste. ASTM D6866 is a viable and accurate method that can be used for any type of sample whether solid, liquid, […]

US EPA Includes ASTM D6866 in Proposed Mandatory Reporting Rule

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends ASTM D6866 as the standard for the determination of biogenic CO2 from municipal solid wastes used as fuel combustion source.

Western Climate Initiative Recommends ASTM D6866

In the third draft of its essential requirements of mandatory reporting, the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) has identified ASTM D6866 as the standard method for measuring biogenic CO2 emissions from general stationary fuel combustion sources.