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USDA BioPreferred Program to add 30 Product Categories

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing to add 30 new product categories to the USDA BioPreferred® Program and amend these four existing categories – general purpose de-icers, firearm lubricants, laundry products and water-clarifying agents.

The proposed product categories are:

Proposed Product Categories * Minimum Biobased Content Requirement as measured by ASTM D6866 testing
Adhesives 24%
Animal habitat care products (ex. products that control, mask, or suppress pet odors) 22%
Cleaning tools (ex. brushes, scrapers, abrasive pads and gloves) 22%
Concrete curing agents 59%
Concrete repair materials—concrete leveling 23%
Concrete repair materials—concrete patching 69%
Durable cutlery 28%
Durable tableware 28%
Epoxy systems 23%
Exterior paints and coatings 83%
Facial care products 88%
Feminine care products 65%
Fire logs and fire starters 92%
Folders and filing products 66%
Foliar sprays 50%
Gardening supplies and accessories 43%
Heating fuels and wick lamps 75%
Kitchenware and accessories 22%
Other Lubricants (products that do not fit into any of the BioPreferred Program’s specific lubricant categories) 39%
Phase change materials (products that are capable of absorbing and releasing large amounts of thermal energy by freezing and thawing at certain temperatures) 71%
Playground and athletic surface materials 22%
Powder coatings 34%
Product packaging items 25%
Rugs and floor mats 23%
Shopping and trash bags 22%
Soil amendments 72%
Surface guards, molding, and trim products 26%
Toys and sporting gear 32%
Traffic and zone marking paints 30%
Transmission fluids 60%
Wall coverings 62%

Proposed Amendments to Previously Designated Product Categories

To more closely align these products with data gathered since these 4 categories were originally designated, the USDA proposes to revise:

  1. General purpose de-icers category to include both general purpose and specialized de-icers 
  2. Firearm lubricants category to include additional firearm care products, such as cleaners and protectants 
  3. Laundry products to add one new subcategory called “Laundry products—dryer sheets,” which includes laundry detergents, bleach, stain removers and fabric softeners 
  4. Water-clarifying agents category to include water treatment chemicals. The proposed name to the product category is “Water or wastewater treatment chemicals”.

The USDA BioPreferred Program will accept public comments on these proposed amendments and new product categories until November 13, 2018.


Office of Procurement and Property Management, USDA. Proposed Rule Designation of Product Categories for Federal Procurement 83 FR 46780 (September 2018)

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