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Vincotte Names ASTM D6866 as Method, Announces 3 OK Biobased Licensees

Vinçotte has identified ASTM D6866 as part of the methodology for its OK Biobased certification program, which applies to all products made from renewable sources. A product’s biobased content percentage is determined through ASTM D6866, and this is indicated on the OK Biobased logo through a star system.

Novamont (Italy), NatureWorks LLC (US), and Wuhan Huali (China) are the first batch of OK Biobased licensees. A list of their products that now carry the OK Biobased logo are found in the TUV website.

ok biobased

The OK Biobased logo uses stars to indicate the percentage in a product that came from renewable sources. A certified product with one star in the logo means that it is between 20% to 40% biobased, two stars – between 40% to 60% biobased, 3 stars – between 60% to 80% biobased, and four stars – more than 80% biobased.

Vinçotte’s OK Biobased program aims to aid manufacturers and vendors make a verifiable claim on their products’ renewable origin. The program, launched in September 2009, initially accepted raw material producers only. As of January 2010, OK Biobased is open to manufacturers and distributors of intermediates and finished products.

About Vinçotte

Based in Volvoorde, Belgium, Vinçotte provides specialised inspection, monitoring and certification services. It has more than 2,000 employees around the world. Its other offices are in France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Oman, UAE, Algeria, Japan, and India.

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