Beta Analytic’s Policy on Returning Archived Samples

Except for water samples, when a material submitted is sufficient in size to allow a small amount of excess original and/or pretreated sample to be archived, we will archive the sample for a few months following the time of reporting / release of results. This is done as an internal Quality Assurance measure to allow for back-up analyses or additional investigations to be performed, if needed.

Following this retention period, all sample bags and excess sample materials (original and pretreated) will be disposed of by incineration.

Communication and Sample Disposal – Beta Analytic will dispose of samples after 6 months that there is pending communication and no response has been received from the client on how to proceed.

Requests for Sample Returns

reminder iconBeta Analytic will NOT return any unused original or pretreated excess sample materials.

The client must submit exactly the amount required by the lab. Any excess material will be disposed of.

Page last updated: November 2022