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Important Tips for Footwear Makers who need Biobased Content Testing

ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic has done bio-based content testing since 2004. As a lab, we have helped Reebok and other brands to verify their plant-derived materials. Use of results, type of sample, and deadlines are three factors to consider before testing.

Reebok biobased footwear

Photo credit: Reebok

Relay to the lab how you are going to use the results

You can use bio-based content testing in various stages of production. Are you checking your suppliers’ bio-based claims for quality control and assurance? Do you need testing for research and development purposes? Or are you submitting the results as part of an eco-labeling program application?

Submitting one sample for measurement is fine for internal purposes (R&D, QC/QA). Click here for our guidelines.

USDA Certified Biobased Products symbol

If you are planning to apply for an eco-label, please consult the program first. Each program may ask you to submit a specific number of samples. Moreover, they also have rules when to do the testing and where. For example, the USDA requires acceptance to the BioPreferred program first before testing. The USDA will not accept any bio-based testing results obtained in advance even if you have an application number. The agency will only accept results from its approved laboratories.

Different programs have specific analytical standards. Eco-labels in Europe must use standards created by the European Committee for Standardization. The programs outside Europe often use ASTM or ISO standards.

The USDA BioPreferred program requires ASTM D6866 testing for footwear applicants. Japan’s Eco Mark Program accepts ASTM D6866 and ISO 16620-2 results for shoes. TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK Biobased certification uses the EN 16640 standard.

Decide what materials to test 

Are you sending footwear components or an entire shoe for testing?

The brilliance of bio-based content testing is that it applies to solids, liquids and even gas. This means we can test the foam, soles, textile, rubber, adhesives, and even the packaging of the product. Please contact the lab first before sending a whole shoe. We will need instructions for multi-color components.

When submitting samples for certification, please consult the eco-labeling program first. They may have sampling guidelines specific to raw materials and finished products.

Choose a lab that helps you meet your deadline

We, at Beta Analytic, can help you meet your deadlines. We have several machines and highly-trained staff available throughout the year. Upon receipt of your samples in Miami, Florida, we will provide a date when the results will be available.

You can choose between these two services:

  • Standard (results reported in 7 business days or less)
  • Priority (report provided in 4 business days or less)

Our priority service is not available for complex samples.

Wherever you are in the world, you can access your results anytime. Beta Analytic’s portal for clients is available 24/7. 


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