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Free Webinar for Asia-Pacific: How to Measure Biobased Content?

ISO 17025-accredited lab Beta Analytic presents biobased product manufacturers and distributors in the Asia-Pacific region a webinar on biobased content testing and labeling certifications available worldwide.

Live Webinar: February 27, 2024 * Available on demand *
Speaker: Ms. Rachana Singh (Beta Analytic Scientific Account Manager – SEA, India, Australia & New Zealand)


Webinar Topics include:

  1. What is biobased content & how is it measured?
  2. Carbon-14 test standards
  3. An overview of the USDA BioPreferred® Program and other labeling certifications

Ms. Singh will also describe the submission process to Beta Analytic for biobased testing of any finished product, raw materials, or packaging.

About the Speaker

Ms. Rachana Singh’s primary role at Beta Analytic involves regional business development strategy and advising clients on the required analysis of their various product lines. Ms. Singh completed her Masters in Biotechnology from Amity University Noida and Bachelors in Industrial Microbiology at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences India. She joined Beta Analytic in 2020.

Beta Analytic is committed to provide high-quality, reliable biobased content testing to fulfill the requirements of labeling programs and certifications worldwide. The lab is not affiliated with the USDA or the BioPreferred Program. 

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