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Learn about Renewable Carbon Testing for Waste-derived Fuels and CO2 Emissions

Why Measure Biogenic Carbon Content of Emissions?

Materials/Alternative Fuels Tested

Renewable Carbon Testing Provided by Beta Analytic

Related Test Standards (not offered by Beta Analytic)

Greenhouse Gas Protocols, Programs, and Regulations Recommending Renewable Carbon Testing

General Information about Renewable Carbon

Applicability of ASTM D6866 to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
What is Carbon-Neutral CO2?

Learn about Biobased Content Testing

Why Measure Your Product’s Biobased Content?

Testing for Biobased Products Provided by Beta Analytic

Related Test Standards (not offered by Beta Analytic)

Eco-labeling Programs and Initiatives Recommending Biobased Content Testing

General Information about Biobased Products and Testing

Organizations Promoting Biobased Products
Understanding Carbon-14 Analysis of Biobased Products
Biobased Content Terms and Definitions
What are Bioplastics?

Learn about Biogenic Content Testing for Biofuels

Why Measure the Biogenic Carbon Content of Biofuels?

Test Standard for Biogenic Carbon Content Testing

ASTM D6866

General Information about Biofuels

What are Biofuels?
The Bio-ethanol Industry
Biodiesel and Bioblends
Jet Fuels
Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)
Biodiesel and Biomass-based Diesel
Synthetic Ethanol: Global Trends and Supply
Bio-ethanol vs Petroleum Ethanol
Why Verify Bio-ethanol?
Accuracy Checks of Biodiesel Blends 
US EPA Renewable Fuel Standard
Biofuels: Regulations and Incentives

Learn about Natural Products Authenticity Testing

Natural Products
Essential Oils
Flavors and Fragrances
Food & Dietary Supplements
ASTM D6866
ISO 16620-2
Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)
EC Regulation on Flavourings
Carbon-14 Analysis: A Tool for Fraud Detection

Learn about Fuel Gas Samples

Radiocarbon Determination of Fuel Gas Samples
Why test your Fuel Gas Emissions?

Learn about Waste Fuel

Biogenic Testing of Waste Fuels
Ready to submit waste-derived fuels for biogenic content testing?

Beta Analytic’s Water Analyses

Why Measure Water Isotopes?
Stable Isotope Analysis
Radiocarbon Dating

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