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Beta Analytic Joins 1st World Congress of Bioenergy 2011 in China

WCBE 2011ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited Beta Analytic, Inc., will participate in the 1st World Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-2011) to be held at the World Expo Center in Dalian, China, from April 25 to April 30, 2011. Research & Development Associate Pat Patodia and China Operations Manager Fuming “Steven” Liu are representing Beta Analytic at the event.

Organized by BIT Life Sciences Inc., the conference aims to gather in one venue top academic researchers, policy makers, industry leaders, and investors to talk about the latest developments and technologies focused on harnessing nature’s bio-renewable energy. The event starts with a forum featuring Nobel Prize Laureates Dr. Erwin Neher, Dr. Richard Roberts, Dr. Ada E.Yonath, and Dr. Aaron Ciechanover.

This year’s program is divided into eight tracks: (1) Policy, Economy and Regulatory for Next Generation Bio-energy; (2) Breaking Research and Advanced Biofuel Technologies; (3) Resource Assessment and Sustainable Production of Feedstock; (4) Bio-ethanol and Next Generation Bio-alcohol; (5) Finance, Strategic Planning, Industrialization and Commercialization; (6) Biogases; (7) Bioprocess Development and Engineering Perspectives for Bio-energy; and (8) Biodiesel. Ms. Patodia is one of the speakers at the event’s session on “Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management: Recycling and Waste to Energy.” She will talk about measuring the biomass content of waste, carbon dioxide emissions, and biofuels via ASTM D6866.

Mr. Liu will be in charge of the company’s booth at the conference’s exhibit hall. Mr. Liu and Ms. Patodia are looking forward to introduce the benefits of ASTM D6866 testing to WCBE 2011 attendees.

ASTM D6866 Testing of Solid, Liquid, and Gas Samples

Based on radiocarbon analysis, ASTM D6866 is used to determine the exact percentage of a solid, liquid, or gas that comes from biomass. Radiocarbon is an isotope present only in materials generated from renewable sources/biomass. Petroleum-derived substances have no radiocarbon in them. Thus, a material’s radiocarbon content can be easily correlated to its biomass or renewable carbon content.

ASTM D6866 is an accurate tool to measure the biomass content of biofuels, waste, and their combustion CO2 emissions. The method has been incorporated in several regulatory protocols and climate change programs around the world including the U.S. EPA Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism AM0025 methodology, and the US Renewable Fuel Standard, among others.
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