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Join Beta Analytic’s Free Biobased Testing Webinar

We invite manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of biobased products and intermediates to join our webinar focused on biobased content testing and the USDA BioPreferred® Program.
Live Webinar: December 14, 2023 * Available on demand *
Presenter: Florencia Goren (Beta Analytic’s Chief Revenue Officer)

Webinar Topics

Ms. Goren will discuss how a product’s biobased carbon content is measured and the analytical standards used for such testing, e.g. ASTM D6866, EN 16640, and ISO 16620 to name a few. Aside from these topics, she will also give an overview on:

She will also talk about Beta’s submission process for biobased testing.

About the Presenter

Florencia Goren of Beta Analytic

Florencia Goren is Chief Revenue Officer for Beta Analytic. She joined Beta in 2011, and her primary role involves developing growth strategy for their multiple laboratory services. Florencia is the head of Sales and Marketing, leading an international group based in various locations and managing Beta’s global operations.

She graduated magna cum laude from Florida International University where she pursued a double major in International Relations and Geography. In 2011, Florencia obtained an MSc. on Nature, Society and Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford.

Beta Analytic’s Biobased Content Testing Services

Miami-based Beta Analytic is an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. The lab’s standard delivery time is only 7 business days or less. A priority service is also available for results required in 4 business days or less. Results can be accessed online 24/7 with Quality Assurance reports and sample photos.

The lab was one of the key developers of the ASTM D6866 method and has served as technical adviser to all the major biobased standardization initiatives worldwide including the European methods EN 16785 and EN 16640.

Beta Analytic has unparalleled expertise with complex biobased samples. Our service includes free unlimited technical support.

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Beta Analytic is committed to provide high-quality, reliable biobased content testing to fulfill the requirements of labeling programs and certifications. The lab is not affiliated with the USDA or the BioPreferred Program.

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